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Ticket CASTLE – Museum of Arms and Museum of the Risorgimento Lioness of Italy


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Protagonist of numerous dramatic events in which the city was involved, including the famous Ten Days, the Castle is today one of the most evocative areas of Brescia, in which several elements coexist: the testimonies of the Roman presence, such as the oil warehouses with stone tanks of Botticino, the medieval buildings and a locomotive from 1909, exhibited inside the “Falco d’Italia” to the delight of the youngest visitors. With the Castle ticket you can visit the Luigi Marzoli Museum of Arms and the Museum of the Risorgimento Lioness of Italy.


The Luigi Marzoli Museum of Arms houses one of the finest European collections of ancient armour and weapons, which tell the story of Brescia’s long and prolific firearms tradition. The Museum was born thanks to the acquisition of the collection of the Cavaliere del Lavoro Luigi Marzoli, a brilliant entrepreneur from Palazzole. Among the numerous and important weapons, the sixteenth-century Brescian armor is of particular importance, especially the infantryman’s corsages, and the firearms with the famous Garda barrels, productions that have made Brescia famous in the world since the sixteenth century.


The Museum of the Risorgimento Lioness of Italy is housed in the Great Mile of the Castle with an innovative and immersive set-up.
The result of a long historiographical and design work, the new exhibition tells the story of the Risorgimento as a phenomenon of European caliber and of pressing relevance. Paintings, sculptures, relics and “relics” are read and returned as a material manifestation of the long and complex history that culminated in the Italian Unification. A rich digital collection accompanies and integrates a narrative that reaches the present day, involving the visitor in the events that saw Brescia at the center of the long Risorgimento, making it famous throughout the world as the Lioness of Italy.